Interview with Author Anshul Dupare- Greta Thunberg and Her Mission- Review- The Family Man Amazon Series- Food Recipe and Many more.

TM Vol-7 Issue 07-Sep-2019 Cover Image

Vol 7 Issue 6

Political Normalisation – Indian Politics in Relation to Rape Cases in India, Kurukshetra: The Birth Place of Bhagwad Geeta, Ikigai | The Purpose of Life, An Interview With Author Kevin Missal, Steamed Paneer Recipe by Lipika Debnath, Suits : Season 9 Review - Many More

Magazine Cover - Vol 7 Issue 03 - Mar 2019

Avoid Caste Divide- Being Indian- Review on Game of Thrones- Final Episode- Books releases in 2019- Article 15 Movie Review-etc

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